Hardscape Services

Elevate the appeal of your outdoor space with our versatile hardscaping services. At CR Lawn Services, we specialize in transforming residential and commercial landscapes, making them not just visually stunning but also adding significant value to your property. Our expert team combines functionality with creativity to craft striking hardscapes that suit your style and needs.

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Services We Provide

Brick Paving

Create a classic and timeless look with our quality brick paving service. Our team lays out your vision meticulously, ensuring durability and charm for years to come.


We offer unique and durable driveway designs that can withstand Michigan's changing weather, ensuring that the entrance to your home or business is both stylish and robust.


Add a natural and rustic feel to your property with our expertly laid flagstone paths and patios.

Hardscape Design

Our hardscape design service allows us to create a perfect balance between your softscape and hardscape, resulting in an outdoor space that seamlessly blends beauty and utility.

Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Enhance your outdoor living space with a cozy fire pit or fireplace. We construct them using high-quality materials to ensure safety and longevity.

Outdoor Kitchen

Transform your outdoor space into an entertainment hub with our custom-designed outdoor kitchens, perfect for hosting get-togethers and family barbecues.


From simple to luxurious, our team crafts patios that serve as your private outdoor sanctuary.

Retaining Walls

Beyond serving a functional purpose of holding back soil, our aesthetically pleasing retaining walls can also define spaces within your landscape.


We design and install outdoor stairs that are both safe and visually appealing, enhancing your property's accessibility and aesthetic value.


Make your entrance more inviting with our custom-designed stoops, creating the perfect transition from your driveway to your front door.


Our walkway installations not only enhance your property's beauty but also provide safe and comfortable paths to traverse your landscape.

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